“We are designing an infrastructure for SDG17: Partnership for the goals”

El Día Después is a platform to generate transformative partnerships that address the challenges posed by the Sustainable Development Goals. 

We want to activate a great collective intelligence that creates sustainable innovation in the models and systems that support the socio-productive apparatus, cities, the environment, global governance, etc.

The platform currently hosts four communities for knowledge and practice that work on the complex topics that humanity faces:

  • Environment and Health
  • Cooperation and Global Governance
  • City Transformation
  • Inequality and New Economic Model

One of the work spaces of the communities are the multi-stakeholder workshops that enable a structured dialogue and co-creation based on specific and complex issues that require multiple sectoral perspectives.

We also have the Agora of El Día Después, a space to debate, where we organize open discussions for everyone to promote the connection of society, academia or science with decision-makers. 

The organisations that promote El Día Después are the Innovation and Technology for Development Centre at the Technical University of Madrid (itdUPM), Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal), Spanish Network for Sustainable Development ( REDS) and Iberdrola.

El Día Después is the evolution of ACELERA 2030, a multi-stakeholder initiative that we launched in 2018 to promote complying with the Sustainable Development Goals and which materialized in the international seminar “La transformación ineludible: investigación e innovación para acelerar el cumplimiento de la Agenda 2030”.

We want to draw lessons that help to accelerate the change towards meeting the Sustainable Development Goals


An open and accessible space of open innovation, for the collaboration of people and organizations from multiple fields.

Through interdisciplinary communities for collaboration and co-creation the day after.

For the results of collective action to accelerate the fulfillment of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

El Día Depués (The Day After) is an initiative of: 

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