El Día Después, at the Congress of Deputies of Spain

El Día Después appears before the Joint Committee that coordinates and monitors the Spanish strategy to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

Energy communities and their role in a fair transition

On 16th February, the City Transformation Community of El Día Después organised a multi-stakeholder workshop in order to identify what opportunities and barriers exist nowadays to generate a much more decisive push for energy communities.

Consumers and users. New roles and access difficulties

Crónica del taller celebrado el 23 de febrero de 2021 sobre los cambios y tendencias en el consumo y en el acceso a servicios, organizado por la comunidad “Desigualdad y nuevo modelo económico”

Work in the future of youth

What are the keys and aspects that condition the future of work today? What are the challenges that youth see in the future of work? On January 21, 2021, we brought together young people and experts to discuss how to build a future in which youth can develop their full potential.

#ViableUtopias for a better transformation

The interventions in the last agora of 2020 organised by the El Día Después platform to reflect on these times have shown that this crisis still offers us the opportunity to regenerate the damaged economic, social and environmental fabric.

Taxonomy and sustainable financial investment

Report on the workshop organized by the Inequality Community of El Día Después on 4th November to discuss impact and sustainable investment.

Science, politics and society. A pending dialogue.

COVID-19, inequality and climate emergency at the United Nations High-Level Political Forum

A report of the official parallel event of the United Nations High Level Political Forum, organized by the governments of Spain, Costa Rica and Vietnam, in collaboration with El Día Después.

A new social contract for companies for the future

On 9th July, the Inequality and New Economic Model Community of El Día Después organized an agora on the need to have a new social contract for companies that guarantees economic reactivation that is just and sustainable after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cities and data: ethical considerations

Cities are facing important challenges, especially after the COVID-19 crisis. We know that data and artificial intelligence represent an opportunity to design and transform more sustainable and resilient cities. However, there are risks and dilemmas.

We want to draw lessons that help to accelerate the change towards meeting the Sustainable Development Goals

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