One year after


It’s been a year! A time we’ll never forget.

2020 will be one for the books for obvious reasons. When facing catastrophes, unforeseen circumstances and misfortunes, one can react in many ways, as well as not reacting.

For entities, but specifically for people that constituted El Día Después, that was never an option. Such was the case that, after the first 10 days of the first confinement, we were already celebrating our first open conversation on “How do we imagine the day after” (¿Cómo imaginamos el día después?).

After that, many followed. So did workshops, proposals, documents… In this timeline we revise them.

Hecho con Padlet

From this activity, a multitude of ideas arose, posed by the group of experts and stakeholders that collaborate in  different communities with diverse ideologies and heterogeneity of their organizations.

From there and based on efficiency and effectiveness, some of the ideas passed to our Incubator for Transformative Alliances. Because the systemic changes we aim to provoke need deep and stable spaces of care and collaboration, so that they become transformative initiatives, implemented and with callibrated results.

Such is the knowledge that we have compiled this year that, alongside our web where you can find the what, who, how and why, we have launched El Día Después profiles in Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We want to generate real impact and we need you for this. Will you join us in this journey?

We can’t finish without thanking the more than 500 people, companies, social organizations and public administrations that have always said YES during our first year.

Yes to being part of the community, yes to sharing knowledge, yes to doing things differently, yes to participating in agoras and workshops… Always a convincing and enthusiastic YES.


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