The transformative partnership incubator

The transformative partnership incubator was created with the aim of offering an organizational infrastructure that accompanies and supports systemic change, through processes of co-creation and collective interpretation. 

We know that meeting the 2030 Agenda poses social, economic and environmental challenges that require stable and profound collaborations over time that go far beyond conventional experiences of public-private collaboration.

Therefore, the transformative partnership incubator at El Día Después is designed for different initiatives and stakeholders to continuously interact, exchange knowledge and co-create based on common guidelines and working methods, as well as having a shared purpose: to regenerate the economic, social, environmental and motivational fabric and make it compatible with the 2030 Agenda. 

The incubator is made up of four main elements

Thematic communities

Since the origins of El Día Después, the thematic communities bring dozens of specialists and decision-makers together who, from the ideological diversity and heterogeneity of their organizations of origin, collectively interpret the context and work together on generating specific proposals on specific areas of the 2030 Agenda.

Transformative initiatives

The incubator includes diverse initiatives (community, private companies, public administrations, etc.) that are interconnected to exchange knowledge and act synergistically on different levels within the same system, thus increasing possibilities to cause transformations at scale

Public-Private-Social partnerships

The coordinated implementation of initiatives that contribute to a process of systemic transformation goes beyond the capacities of any single stakeholder. Therefore, the incubator makes it possible to identify the links between the different organizations with the capacity for change, it develops a facilitating function and offers the conditions of neutrality and symmetry so that public-private-social partnerships are created to address complex challenges.

Governance model

In order for the incubator to work, it is necessary to establish an organizational model that facilitates interaction between the several stakeholders involved. In this sense, we have a portfolio of partnerships that share the same roadmap and a common learning space; services that guarantee the use of common methodologies and languages; and a direction that ensures initiatives are aligned and the relational fabric is strengthened.

This incubator aspires to avoid destructive competition to focus on the sum and inspiration of others. El Día Después is a space focused on strengthening the relational fabric, which is characterized by diversity, distributed leadership and permanent exchange between the different stakeholders. 

This is not a linear process, but an evolutionary model that is created and improved with experience, developing fast iterative processes in order to identify the best solutions within each context.

El Día Depués (The Day After) is an initiative of: 

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