The incubator is born aiming to offer an organizational infrastructure that supports and promotes systemic change through the processes of co-creation and collective interpretation.

We know that complying with the 2030 Agenda conveys social, economic and environmental challenges that require deep and stable collaborations in time, going far from the conventional experiences of public-private collaboration.

That is the reason why the Incubator por transformative alliances and projects of El Día Depués (The Day After) enables diverse actors and initiatives to interact in a continued way, exchanging learnings and co-creating under common guidelines and methodologies with shared purposes: regenerate the economic, social, environmental and emotional network, and make it compatible with the 2030 Agenda. 

This incubator has the aspiration of avoiding destructive competition to focus on the sum and inspiration of others. El Día Después is a space oriented to strengthen the relational networks, – characterized by its diversity-, boost distributed leadership and favour permanent interchanging  between the different actors. It is an evolutive model that is building and improving itself through experience, that develops iterative processes to identify the best solutions in each context.

We identify public, private and social actors with a capacity for change in each initiative and we facilitate the interrelation between them in conditions of neutrality and symmetry, enhancing collective leadership and focusing on the sum and inspiration of others.

In the following video (in Spanish) we explain in more detail how and why we promote transformative alliances.


We provide the tools and methodologies necessary for diverse actors to jointly design specific transformative projects, without the need to create rigid collaboration structures.

The transformative initiatives and projects that we incubate must meet 10 differentiating characteristics that  are shown in the following video (in Spanish).

El Día Depués (The Day After) is an initiative of: 

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