Article. Accelerating transformative partnerships through incubators

We need to radically speed and shake things up to meet the 2030 deadline. ‘Incubators for transformative partnerships’ could be a critical tool to fast-track action on the SDGs.

Multi-stakeholder partnerships can be effective in promoting the collaborations necessary to implement the transformations to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). However, by themselves they may not be enough to the produce structural changes we need in time. We need ambition combined with spaces to connect and learn, to ensure that collective efforts do not break down into silos, and that partnerships are effective for enabling change. Taking El Día Después as an inspiring example, in this article the authors explore five characteristics that can accelerate the ‘next generation’ of collaborative practices.

AUTHORS: Carlos Mataix (itdUPM), Teresa Sánchez-Chaparro (itdUPM), Julio Lumbreras (itdUPM), Jaime Moreno-Serna (itdUPM), Miguel Soberón (itdUPM).

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