A lever for economic recovery in cities based on investment, efficiency and employment.

Focused on building’s energetic sustainability, this line of work, led by Iberdrola, aims at boosting individual or shared self-consumption and heat electrification through solar panels and heat bombs.

Nowadays, this measures entail an efficient investment with positive impact in the environment and potentially able to contribute to generating local employment. However, this measures are yet to be generalized and there’s still a lack of knowledge about them by citizens.

In the face of this great challenge, what should be the role of City Councils in the promotion of sustainable technologies? The proposals being considered are: adopting a holistic approach, studying and/or designing the regulatory frameworks and the adequate and reliable administrative mechanisms to offer citizens underused public spaces, thoroughly studying the pertinence of fiscal incentives and modulate them, developing formative spaces and resources for this technologies, working towards the simplification of administrations in collaboration with other levels of the public administration, guaranteeing legal security and incorporating the solutions design to technical teams, secretaries and local controllers.

Thus, this line focuses on three areas:

  • Promoting energy sustainability. How to promote private investments towards this technologies?
  • Leading by example. How can we apply these technologies in council buildings?
  • Creating jobs. How could cities introduce these technologies and train qualified professionals?






Design of financing

 Design of administrative
and management tools
for public space